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Stand-A-Roo® Dual Arm

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Stand-A-Roo® Dual Arm is helping thousands of people win back their independence one sofa at a time! Stand-A-Roo® helps you sit and stand from your couch safely and easily! Elderly, Handicapped, Injured, or even expecting mothers, Stand-A-Roo® Dual Arm is perfect for anyone that struggles with mobility!

Weighing in at less than 3 lbs, 
Stand-A-Roo® Dual Arm is your first adjustable, portable, and store-able riser that accommodates for all couch sizes! Made from super strong anodized aluminum for long lasting durability and equipped with EVA non-slip foam grip for added support. Best of all, no assembly required. From box to couch in just seconds! Can support up to 350lbs. Please note: This product requires furniture with removable cushions.